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dS Reruns

Due South Weekly Episode Discussion
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Welcome to ds_reruns, the home of the due South rewatch-a-thon! Here we view and discuss one episode each week, as if the show were currently on the air. We plan to go through the entire series, starting with the pilot and ending with "Call of the Wild".

This community is open to discussion of all characters, seasons, and ships. Slash, het, and gen are all welcome here.

Please try to limit post content to episode discussion only. Any recs or announcements of fic, vids, icons, new communities, etc. can go to ds_noticeboard. Exceptions can be made for any fic or art that is inspired by or directly related to the current ep of the week. General thoughts on the show or in-depth comments on episodes that have yet to "air" here can go to ds_discourse.

For more info on scheduling, organization, etc., go here.
For info on how to obtain episodes, go here.

Important Note: The comm was originally envisioned as a place where brand new fans of due South could discover and talk about the show, with other newbies as well as older fans, without being spoiled. Out of consideration for those who are watching the show for the first time, please place all episode discussion behind cut-tags. If you want to mention spoilers for "future" episodes in a post about the current weekly ep, that's fine, but be sure to label your post with "spoilers through episode X" or some such. We'd like to remain newbie-friendly! And of course you may comment or post on any "previous" episode at any time. Have fun, play nice, and thank you kindly!