Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine (pipsqueaky) wrote in ds_reruns,
Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine

Episode of the week: 4x09, "Dead Men Don't Throw Rice"

Time for the next due South episode: "Dead Men Don't Throw Rice"!

  1. Frannie's getting married! (And then, er, not so much.) How do you think she met the German guy, and why did she agree to marry him in the first place?

  2. Ray plays the good cop for once in this episode - he gets soda for the two stoolies, speaks calmly to them, and offers to boost one guy's rep on the street if he'll cooperate with the investigation. Why didn't Ray follow his usual kick-em-in-the-head method? Would you like to see him play the good cop more often?

  3. Why did Fraser go along with the plan to deceive the two prisoners? He second-guesses his choice afterwards with Dief and Frannie, but was the original decision out-of-character? Would Fraser always place justice for others above personal morality?

  4. Ray begins to have conversations with Diefenbaker in this ep (hee!). Is this proof that (a) Dief really can communicate with people, or (b) Ray's been spending way too much time around Fraser?
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