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Episode of the week: 4x08, "Good for the Soul"

I know your calendars say April, but Christmas has come early this year! (Or, uh, late. Depending on your perspective.) We're celebrating with the holiday episode "Good for the Soul"!

  1. Starting off with, of course, the main question of the episode: Was Fraser right all along? Was it best to behave as though he lived in a perfect world and strive for absolute justice, or was he being too selfish and idealistic? What would you have done in this situation?

  2. Do you believe that Fraser actually planned to get attacked by Warfield's goons outside the club? (If he could goad Warfield into assaulting him, he could then press charges.)

  3. Fraser tells Turnbull that he was going to whittle an elk for Ray, and then a grizzly for Welsh. Why did he choose those specific items for these people? Any special significance?

  4. What was Fraser's ultimate goal? Did he want to take Warfield down altogether, or just make him see the error of his ways ("Confession is good for the soul"), or help Tommy, or eradicate the unfairness of the current justice system, or some combination of the above? He seems to be satisfied at the end with a simple verbal apology from Warfield; does he really consider justice to have been served?

  5. Bob tells Fraser "Some trails are solitary and must be taken alone." For much of the episode, Fraser pursues Warfield by himself without the support of any of his friends. But he doesn't succeed until the end of the ep when the other officers join him. What message (if any) do you take from this episode about the importance of standing up for what's right and going it alone, vs. relying on your friends and family to stand with you? Is one more important than the other?
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