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Episode of the week: 4x11, "Hunting Season"

We're nearing the home stretch - only a few more dS episodes to go. *sob!* For now, though, let's discuss "Hunting Season"!

  1. There are plenty of parallels between Maggie's search for the killers of her husband and Fraser's search for the killers of his father. What similarities/differences did you see? What can we deduce about Maggie's concept of - and dedication to - justice and morality, compared to Fraser's?

  2. Fraser and Maggie share a father, but Bob Fraser's personality seems drastically different from that of both of his children. Do you think Fraser and Maggie are so very much alike because they are related (and maybe Bob just has inner characteristics and tendencies that we don't see), or because they were raised in similar circumstances and environments?

  3. Ray and Fraser have both had love interests in prior episodes, but this was the first time we've ever seen them competing against one another openly for a woman's attention. What did you think of this new dynamic between them? Was it mostly just playful one-upmanship, or were they serious about it?

  4. How did Fraser become reinstated after his mid-episode suspension? Technically, what he did was still wrong: he let a murder suspect get away. Did Thatcher just take pity on him?

  5. Introducing a sister this close to the end of the series hints that there might have been hopes for a spinoff. If Maggie had gone on to star in her own show, would you have watched?
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