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Episode of the week: 4x10, "Say Amen"

Join me, brothers and sisters, for this week's episode: "Say Amen!"

  1. Do you believe Eloise really did have the power to heal the sick, or was it all coincidence and/or tricks of the mind?

  2. When Francesca says about Eloise "What kind of life is that for a kid? I mean really, what kind of parents would do that?", Fraser has a thoughtful look on his face. Could he have been remembering his own childhood? Any thoughts on the similarities/differences between Eloise's form of isolation and Fraser's?

  3. Ray doesn't answer Davie when he asks if Ray ever got over getting divorced. Do you think this indicates that Ray still has feelings for Stella after all this time?

  4. For the various stereotypes used in this episode (of cultures, people, beliefs, etc.), did they serve the overall message of the ep, or did you find any of them over-the-top and/or potentially offensive?

  5. Were Davie and Eloise really experiencing "love at first sight", or do you agree with Ray's comment at the end of the episode that it's just an infatuation that won't last?
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