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Daisy Sweetfuck and her Mean Tambourine

Episode of the week: 4x06, "Mojo Rising"

The next episode up for rewatching is "Mojo Rising"!

  1. Do you think this episode was trying to make a statement about the "real" power (or lack thereof) of voodoo/vodun? After seeing this ep, did you gain or lose respect for the voodoo faith and its followers?

  2. Was Fraser right to disapprove of Ray lying to his dad? Are there no circumstances under which Fraser would consider lying to his own father?

  3. Did Ray's dad really believe that Ray parked the GTO by a hydrant, or did he know/suspect that something else happened to the car and just didn't say anything? In other words, do you think he was lying to Ray at the end of the episode to protect him (from having to tell the truth) the same way that Ray lied to him?
And a bonus question: Would you ever let Fraser drive YOUR car? :)
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