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Episode of the week: 4x05, "The Ladies' Man"

Hey, due Southers! Do you know what today is?

That's right - today is the day we discuss "The Ladies' Man". Pardon me while I flail my arms about and make high-pitched unintelligible gibbering noises.

  1. This episode is a huge one for RayK, and seems to be a milestone for many fans regarding their understanding/appreciation of his character. Did this ep make you see Ray any differently than before? How about the relationship between Ray and Fraser?

  2. Beth Botrelle appears to be mentally unstable during Ray's first meeting with her, but her behavior grows progressively more "normal" throughout the ep. Do you think she really was a bit crazy, due to her incarceration and/or death sentence and/or husband's suicide, or was she faking it (and if so, why)?

  3. How does "The Ladies' Man" compare to "The Duel" from Season 2, especially with regard to corrupt authority figures? What similarities/differences do you see between RayK's relationship with Sam Franklin vs. RayV's relationship with Will Kelly?

  4. Was Fraser's often strange behavior in this episode (giggling with a woman over bark tea, willingly deceiving a guard and breaking into the evidence storage facility, his sarcastic anecdote about torture with molten lead) out of character, or were we just seeing a less guarded side of him?

  5. Why do you think this case in particular weighed so heavily on Ray's mind? Surely in all his years as a cop, this isn't likely to be the very first instance of blood on his hands - whether by arresting someone who went on to death row, or shooting and killing a criminal in defense of innocent people. Ray said himself that "it was an open and shut case". Is it because he knew all along that something wasn't right, or because Beth was a woman, or simply because it was his first big case? Or something else?
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