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Episode of the week: 4x04, "Odds"

Next up is one of my favorite episodes: "Odds"!

So, normally there are about 3 to 5 general discussion questions in each ep post, but I happen to find this particular ep really interesting and so there are about a billion questions under the cut. You, um, don't have to answer them ALL. Hee.

  1. Ray is really quick to assume that Fraser has the hots for Lady Shoes; he jumps to that conclusion just from Fraser watching the ambulance drive away, and he keeps warning Fraser to stay away throughout the episode. Is any of this a reaction to what Ray went through in last week's ep (i.e. he's projecting his own weaknesses onto Fraser), or does Ray really have a reason to be worried for him?

  2. Semi-related to the above question: do you believe Fraser actually was attracted to Lady Shoes? Or was he playing her the whole time?

  3. Francesca wants to be a cop! [Well, if she can avoid wearing the hat. :) ] How do you think she would fare as an Chicago police officer? And why is she suddenly interested in this career now, when we've never seen hints of it before?

  4. What's your opinion of Frannie and Welsh's relationship? They seem to be getting more and more comfortable with each other; she confides in him in "Odds" and even smacks him on the shoulder during the poker training session - hee!

  5. Thatcher gets DRUNK. And HORNY. ... yeah, just wanted to point that out. ;)

  6. Ray tells Fraser a story about a "chick from Albany" who deceived him and took everything he had. Was Ray just talking about money? Or was this an old romance? We know that Ray fell for Stella when he was 13; do you think he was confessing to having cheated on Stella with this girl?

  7. What did you think of the federal agents? Was the comedy relief too broad and over-the-top, or a necessary counterbalance to what would have otherwise been a pretty serious episode?

  8. There are several interesting parallels between Lady Shoes and Fraser's previous romances: she acts like a woman who needs his help but she clearly has ulterior motives, she tells him "You could have let me go" (as did Victoria), and asks him "Can I trust you?" (as did Janet Morse). What has Fraser learned from his prior experiences, and how might he have reacted differently to Lady Shoes if he hadn't been hurt before? Do you think he would have believed her?

  9. Were you surprised that Fraser actually did let her go for a split second on the ledge before grabbing her again?

  10. Fraser admits to Ray at the end of the ep that he was "bluffing" by not letting Ray in on his suspicions of Lady Shoes. How else did Fraser bluff during the episode? Or was everything that he said and did actually the truth? And do you prefer a Fraser who is always honest, or a Fraser who knows how to deceive people when necessary?
Finally, a bonus question (as if we needed another one!): before Lady Shoes gives Fraser the back massage, he sits down to do some paperwork, and the top form is titled "Adoption Release Information". Is this related to a case ... or could it be part of Thatcher's decision to adopt a child in "Perfect Strangers"?
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