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Episode of the week: 4x03, "A Likely Story"

FYI, there was no new episode last week due to the holiday season, since many people were traveling or otherwise engaged in end-of-year plans.

So, let's ring in the new year with "A Likely Story"!

  1. Ray asks Francesca if she believes in love at first sight. Do you think it was love at first sight for Ray when he saw Luanne?

  2. Was Welsh really exhibiting prejudice towards Italians by investigating the victim, Mr. Tucci; or was Frannie a little too quick to take offense?

  3. This ep shares some plot similarities with "You Must Remember This" from Season 1. How do the two Rays compare in the way they handled their individual attractions to women they suspected of being criminals? What about Fraser's behavior in the two episodes; does he react differently to RayK now than he did to RayV back then?

  4. And finally, who wins the Biggest Dork of the Episode contest: Ray for his utterly ungraceful fall over the Tucci's fence (plus his general moony-eyed behavior), or Fraser for his "Louuuuuuu Skagnetti" ghost story, complete with sound effects?
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