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Episode of the week: 4x02, "Easy Money"

The next episode up for rewatching is "Easy Money"!

  1. Fraser is known for always fighting for what's right, even in the face of overwhelming odds; so why, in this particular case, does he tell Quinn to give up and walk away? Is it really because of the connection to his father's death?

  2. Young Fraser introduces himself to Quinn as "Benton", but Quinn suggests that "Ben" would be better, and continues to call him that. Do you think grown-up Fraser thinks of himself as "Ben" or "Benton"? Or something else entirely?

  3. Ray actually gets a chance to play the good cop (of sorts) in this episode, with Storey. No violence, and persuasion rather than outright threats. Would you like to see more of this side of Ray in the interrogation room, or do you prefer his characteristic kick-em-in-the-head approach?

  4. What did you think of Ray's parents, and the story Ray told about his relationship with his father? Also, how do you think his parents were allowed to call the station and then show up to visit a son who is supposed to be undercover?

  5. Apparently Quinn taught young Fraser quite a lot (not just how to track or how to put disgusting things in your mouth, but also the finer points of morality and respect for nature). Who do you think was a bigger influence on Fraser growing up, Quinn or his father?
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